Embracing the Sacred Feminine Digital Download


The synergistic blend of Ashanna’s meditations and Dana’s uplifting flutes and sacred instruments, along with a soundscape of healing sounds from nature, guides women into profound transformation and empowerment.



Woman’s Healing Journey (41:00)

Designed to take women on a deep healing journey to connect with the Sacred Feminine for healing of body, mind and spirit:

  • Release and reduce stress and tension
  • Learn to love your body
  • Heal and open your heart
  • Increase self-love and self-confidence
  • Connect to your deeper essence

Divine Mother Invocation (2:00)

Poem by Dana, flutes: Dana, guitar: Bruce Klein, & violin: Revi Hope Airborne

Priestess Initiation (42:00)

Guides you on a powerful journey to connect with and reclaim your spiritual birthright as a woman:

Empower yourself as a female leader, healer and teacher
Reclaim your power & truth
Connect with your higher purpose
Open and strengthen your chakras
Accelerate your spiritual growth

Ashanna and Dana

About Ashanna’s Meditations: “Simply the best meditation CD I have ever used! It is a gift to the universe. What an amazing healing for me and the whole planet. You are healing the whole universe with this one recording.” —Jeri Lawson, Massage Therapist/Healer

About Dana’s work: “The spirit of Krishna comes to life through the magical and soulful flutes of Dharma Devi.” —Robert Gass, Kirtan Master

© 2010 Ashanna Solaris & Dana DeLong. All rights reserved.